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About Clean Air Smog

Originally established in 2002, Clean Air Smog was among one of the first Smog Check Test Only stations in San Francisco. At the time, Smog Test Only stations were a bit unknown to the public and the buzz was starting to catch on quickly, although there were already plenty in the Southern California area.

Smog Test Only stations were endorsed by the Bureau of Automobile Repair and were set in place to standardize the test by providing a neutral, unbiased and consistent smog check result. Also, by having a Smog Only center, these facilities would provide a much more quicker (15 minute) test, which would be better for the public.

We took the company to a whole new level by following a different business approach. We decided that the customer has to be the #1 focus of the company, even more than making a profit. Since then, business has grown tremendously through word of mouth and customer referrals.

Whether its warming your car up an extra little longer, or giving you tips on how to get your car ready for a smog test. Clean Air Smog has developed a reputation as very trustworthy, dependable and reputable shop.

Clean Air Smog STAR Certified
Clean Air Smog
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